Creating Jazz Piano Pro Essentials

Featuring Darrius Willrich

Jazz Piano Pro Essentials

Creating A Better System

I created the Jazz Piano Pro Essentials online course with guidebook because, after years of working in the music education world, I got really tired of hearing things like:

  • I've been playing Classical Piano for years but how do I crossover to Jazz and make my own music?
  • I was made to take piano lessons as a kid and quit as soon as I was given a choice. Now I wish I had continued but I just don't have time to start all over. What's the fastest way to get back into playing piano and is it even possible to pick it up again?
  • I'm competing with people who have been playing jazz for years and they're already so far ahead of me, how will I ever catch up to them?
  • Some people make Jazz Piano look so easy, but I just can't seem to figure out what it takes to make my own music and improvise.
  • Over the years, I've tried everything to learn piano but nothing has worked; maybe it's just not practical for me to think I can play Jazz Piano this late in the game.

After helping my private one-on-one students pull this off successfully – and painlessly – for many years, I realized that the process I've developed to get them thinking and sounding like a PRO is something that anyone can do with a proven step-by-step process and a little expert guidance.

If you are:

  • Struggling to memorize chords and chord symbols
  • Confused about what to focus on to get you headed in the right direction
  • Looking for accountability to help you stay on top of it and not quit
  • Or putting off the whole thing because you just don’t know where to start

 Jazz Piano Pro Essentials is made for you !