About The Course

Jazz Piano Pro Essentials was born from years of teaching piano lessons and writing in students’ notebooks.

When I realized that I was writing the same notes over and over, I began to distill that repeat advice down into my own unique system for teaching jazz piano that takes students from knowing nothing to being able to read and play lead sheets in twelve weeks.

The truth is that playing jazz piano is not some esoteric skill that only a few incredibly gifted prodigies can master.

There are certain essentials that a working pianist knows and uses constantly, and you can learn them at any age.


Play Jazz Piano Like A Pro 

Our 12 week online video course is perfect for you if:

You’re a complete novice at the piano and you want to start your journey by learning jazz.

You learned some piano as a kid but let your training fall by the wayside.

You’ve had some experience reading music, but never learned to improvise and create your own.

You already understand chords and scales, but you’ve never learned to voice those chords to get that jazz sound.


Jazz Piano Course

Learn the essentials of Jazz Piano with our 12 week online course with downloadable Guidebook.

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Gain immediate access and learn to play Jazz Piano the easy way.




About Jazz Piano Pro Essentials


Master playing major scales with a unique method called clusters.

Be able to play Triads and Seventh chords.

Learn to play Seventh chords with two hands.

Learn to play Two-Five-One chord progressions.

Play advanced V7 chords, plus alterations.

Learn to read a lead sheet and play a complete Jazz song on the piano.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take?

After enrollment, Students have immediate access to the entire course of all 12 modules and the 44 page Guidebook.

While the course is designed to take 12 weeks, it’s self-paced so that you can move as quickly or slowly as you like and it remains available for at least one year after purchase.

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll receive your emailed receipt, and then you’ll receive a welcome email from me with important details about things like logging into the course platform and how to join our Facebook group. You’ll have immediate access to the entire curriculum so you can get started right away.

What if I’ve never played piano before?

This is the perfect course for beginners. We begin with the basics: learning the keyboard, flats and sharps, and how to learn scales with a method called clusters. 

What if I’ve played a different instrument, but not piano?

You’ll be ahead of the curve! Many of the principles you’ve learned from other instruments will help you quickly understand the concepts in this course.

Will this course teach me how to read music?

You won’t need to know how to read music to engage with this course. Jazz Piano Pro Essentials teaches you the essentials of scales and chords.

Inside the course, I do suggest several outside resources for learning to read music more fluently.

At the end of the course, we’ll cover how to read your first lead sheet and play your first piece of jazz music.

What’s your refund policy?

We want you to be 100% invested in this process and come out the other side feeling confident at the keyboard . If you commit the time and do the practice, we’re confident that Jazz Piano Pro Essentials will work for you.

However, if you don’t absolutely love it, just contact Darrius Willrich within 14 days of purchase and let us know why Jazz Piano Pro Essentials didn’t work out for you and Darrius will provide a full refund; it’s as simple as that.


More Than I Imagined

As a singer-songwriter with very limited knowledge of scales, chords, and theory, I could not jam nor improvise, but I feared jazz piano might be too hard for me to learn as an adult.

I loved that each lesson in Darrius’ course offered a small, critical piece to learning to play jazz piano and built directly on top of the previous one.

Not only was I able to build my piano skills much quicker than I thought possible, but the entire world of music theory has opened up to me.

Darrius has shown me the path to becoming the musician I’ve always dreamed of being!

– Veronica Malki, singer-songwriter


Overwhelmed No More

I came with some prior piano instruction but hadn’t touched a piano for nearly 10 years and I was feeling overwhelmed trying to pursue piano again on my own.

I am a singer/song-writer and I started to become stuck and limited in terms of composing and expressing myself and I believed that with guidance in jazz piano I could start to make the music that I really wanted to play and listen to.

I find that learning jazz, and art in general, is an exploration and self-directed, and I appreciate that in my lessons with Darrius, there is structure around learning the foundational principles of jazz piano.

Now I have the tools which help me to better approach composing music and in understanding some of the playing that I love.

– Belina Seare, singer-songwriter


Darrius Really Unlocked The Door For Me

I had played piano a bit and had written a few songs but had been stuck for many years. I wasn’t sure what would take me to the next level and I wasn’t sure where to look. The internet had some things, but it was tidbits of info which did not really give me the push I needed.

Darrius’ system met me right where I was and showed me what I didn’t know was holding me back. Very systematic. Step-by-step. His course gave me the tools that composers and songwriters I admired definitely knew. It was such a trip that no one else, online or had taken a lesson from had such a step by step method for filling in the blanks to my knowledge of the relationship between major scales, chords and chord progressions.

After studying with Darrius, I have recorded 3 releases of original music with more on the way! I have played in a few bands, and now have a growing command and confidence from knowing what I know now. I get to share who I am musically with the world, which is more than what I thought I wanted!

– David Aaron Johnson, aka D!Aaron

Jazz Piano Pro Essentials

A 12 WEEK ONLINE VIDEO COURSE by Darrius Willrich

Master playing major scales with a unique method called clusters.

Understand and be able to play Triads and Seventh chords.

Learn to play Voicings – Seventh chords with two hands.

Learn to play Two-Five-One chord progressions.

Play advanced V7 chords, plus alterations.

Learn to read a lead sheet and play a complete Jazz song on the piano.