If you are a total beginner, our online video course is designed to save you time and prevent frustration.

If you used to play piano, this Quickstart Guide will refresh your memory and get you reinspired to keep playing.

If you had prior lessons, our system will help you make up for lost time.

If you have a Classical background, our course creates a smooth transition into playing Jazz.

Quickstart Guide | Jazz Piano Pro Essentials
Darrius Willrich

Hi, I’m Darrius Willrich

I’m a singer-songwriter who has been playing and teaching piano for over three decades. I hold a degree in jazz piano, I’ve released 3 international albums, and I’ve performed on stages worldwide. I understand what beginning piano students struggle with and realize with the right mindset and plan of action, anyone can learn to play Jazz Piano.

My Quickstart Guide is designed to produce proven results whether you’re a complete beginner or a rusty player that needs a refresher and inspiration.

I’m passionate about helping my students play the beautiful music inside them, and I am excited for you to join me in Jazz Piano Pro Essentials !